Content Management Systems & Web Applications make managing content on your website extremely easy. So easy we actually recommend using a CMS for even a simple brochure website. This allows YOU to update content on your website as you see fit. No more having to call your web developer to add or remove content! There are 3 types of CMS’ that we recommend based on the functional requirements of your website.


WordPress is one of the most popular open source CMS on the internet. Millions and millions of sites use WordPress to manage content. Initially created as a blogging and personal publishing tool, WordPress has evolved into a very powerful CMS. It is also open source, which means that the system is free to download and install on your web server. Stillfire is able to utilize this management tool, and customize the front end to match your brand and custom design. We recommend WordPress if you need a basic website and the ability to update content on a regular basis.


Drupal is also a free open source CMS. We recommend Drupal if you are looking to create a web application where users are able to log in and view private content, or need more functionality when it comes to managing and displaying content.

Custom CMS

Now depending on the requirements of your app or website, it might make more sense to start from scratch. Instead of customizing an existing platform to fit your needs, we build your new website from the ground up to ensure proper functionality is achieved.

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